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Since 1995, the Pasadena Partnership to End Homelessness has served as the lead agency for the Pasadena Continuum of Care. The Continuum of Care (CoC) is a planning process implemented by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 1994. As one of the largest sources of federal funding for programs that address the needs of people who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless, HUD recognized the need for a more coordinated, collaborative, and community-driven approach to allocating resources to communities. The Continuum of Care process is the process by which communities identify local needs, develop strategies, and submit a single application to HUD for funding for programs designed to meet the needs in the community.

The Pasadena Partnership is governed by a Board of Directors composed of representatives from the community. In its role as the lead agency for the CoC, the Pasadena Partnership promotes integrated, community-wide strategies and plans to prevent and end homelessness; provides coordination among the numerous local organizations and initiatives that serve the homeless population, and manage the CoC’s single, comprehensive grant application to HUD for McKinney-Vento funding which includes Continuum of Care funds and State Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funds.

Our Mission

The Pasadena Partnership to End Homelessness is dedicated to planning and developing evidence-based strategies to prevent and end homelessness in Pasadena, CA.


Pasadena 2024 Bad Weather Shelter Program

Pasadena is pleased to announce the operation of the Bad Weather Shelter Program for 2024, hosted by our partners at Friends In Deed.

The Bad Weather Shelter is open at Trinity Lutheran Church from January 15th through April 30, 2024

Weather-activated nights include:

The criteria apply to overnight forecasts between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

More details about the Bad Weather Shelter Program can be found on the link as well as the flyer below:

Bad Weather Shelter – Friends In Deed (


LAHSA 2023-2024 Winter Shelter Program

The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) is pleased to announce that the FY 23-24 Winter Shelter Program (WSP) is now operating.

The Winter Shelter Program (WSP) consists of two programs and is operational between November 1 – March 31.

1.   Seasonal Winter Shelter Program (SWSP)

2.   Augmented Winter Shelter Program (AWSP)

Season Winter Shelter Program

The Seasonal Winter Shelter Program (SWSP) provides site-based congregate shelter, warmth, food, and comfort to individuals experiencing homeless during the cold and wet weather season. In addition to temporary emergency shelter, each program location provides access to supportive services and housing assistance.

Augmented Winter Shelter Program

The Augmented Winter Shelter Program (AWSP) is a short-term weather-activated emergency response that is intended to provide individuals experiencing homelessness a safe and supportive short-term shelter during severely inclement weather. This program operates to protect individuals from rain and cold weather to avoid conditions such as hypothermia, pneumonia, and other conditions caused by cold temperatures.

The Augmented Winter Shelter Program (AWSP) is activated when the forecasted weather is going to meet the following criteria:

1.   The National Weather Service (NWS) forecast calls for three (3) days of low daytime temperatures accompanied by night wind chill temperatures of 32 degrees or less

2.   The forecast calls for 1 inch of rain in 24 hours

3.   The forecast calls for three (3) consecutive days of 1/4-inch rainfall or more accompanied by temperatures at or below 50 degrees

4.   The National Weather Service (NWS) issues a flood watch or warning

5.   Conditions not previously identified by the plan but for which it would be prudent to do so based upon critical need


2236 Goodall Ave, Duarte, CA 91010

As a part of the ongoing Augmented Winter Shelter Program (AWSP) activation due to the current winter storm, LAHSA, in partnership with Metro, is offering a shuttle service to the Pamela Park AWSP site.

Starting Monday, 02/05/2024 today at 8:00 pm, shuttle service from the following locations will run to Pamela Park for any individuals seeking shelter. LAHSA and Metro will operate four pick-up locations across Northeast Los Angeles County:

1. West Covina Library

2. Encanto Park

3. Monrovia Library

4. APU/Citris Station

Anyone interested in utilizing the shuttle can go directly to the above locations. There is no requirement to call 211.

The shuttle service will operate tonight from 8:00 pm till midnight, or if capacity is reached.

If you have any questions about the shuttle service, please contact LAHSA Director of Access & Engagement, Brittnee Hill, at (213)-434-8949.

For More Information

For more information on the Seasonal Winter Shelter Program or Augmented Winter Shelter Program please:

·     Visit our website:

·     Dial 2-1-1 or 1-800-548-6047

·     Send email to

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