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Since 1995, the Pasadena Partnership to End Homelessness has served as the lead agency for the Pasadena Continuum of Care. The Continuum of Care (CoC) is a planning process implemented by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 1994. As one of the largest sources of federal funding for programs that address the needs of people who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless, HUD recognized the need for a more coordinated, collaborative, and community-driven approach to allocating resources to communities. The Continuum of Care process is the process by which communities identify local needs, develop strategies, and submit a single application to HUD for funding for programs designed to meet the needs in the community.

The Pasadena Partnership is governed by a Board of Directors composed of representatives from the community. In its role as the lead agency for the CoC, the Pasadena Partnership promotes integrated, community-wide strategies and plans to prevent and end homelessness; provides coordination among the numerous local organizations and initiatives that serve the homeless population, and manage the CoC’s single, comprehensive grant application to HUD for McKinney-Vento funding which includes Continuum of Care funds and State Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funds.

Our Mission

The Pasadena Partnership to End Homelessness is dedicated to planning and developing evidence-based strategies to prevent and end homelessness in Pasadena, CA.

Join a Committee

The Pasadena Partnership’s committees serve a critical role in our work and we are always looking for individuals who are interested in getting involved. Each committee provides planning and guidance related to their focus area to the Pasadena Partnership in its role as the lead agency of the Pasadena Continuum of Care. Committees are comprised primarily of agency staff, program managers, and other key stakeholders within the topic area.

As a crucial piece of Pasadena’s crisis response system, the Faith Community Committee provides a vital voice within the Pasadena Partnership and works to achieve our shared goal of ending homelessness in Pasadena.

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The Housing Committee Committee addresses housing services gaps and implements housing first, homeless prevention, and rapid re-housing strategies to end homelessness.

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The Planning & Research Committee develops the CoC’s centralized/coordinated assessment system and implements strategies that provide a wide-range of social services.

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The Healthcare Committee is composed of healthcare and homeless services providers who work to develop comprehensive, integrated solutions that ensure access to care and appropriate system navigation assistance.

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